American healthcare costs

Spoke to a gentleman from the USA yesterday evening; he had an unfortunate incident on a motorcycle this spring when he “tucked” the front wheel in too tight on a corner and crashed, at speed. Due to the crash he hit his head on the road surface and drove his shoulder into the road, breaking a bone in his collarbone.

However, because he hit his head, he was unconcious for fifteen minutes. Because of this, the paramedics on the scene had him flown by helicopter to the hospital where he was checked over, held overnight and released the next day with a massive headache and the broken collarbone.

The costs of this treatment? Total cost was $62,000.

The fifteen minute helicopter ride was $25,000. The two paramedics who flew in the helicopter with him, separate paramedics than the ones who attended at the accident scene, $800. For a fifteen minute flight.

Fortunately our friend had medical insurance and his broken collarbone has healed nicely.

However, thousands of people came to Washington, DC to protest President Obama’s move to create a healthcare system that people can afford without mortgaging their future? We just do not understand that.