BC NDP Convention Part 2; Leadership review policy

I managed to have a chat with Harry Bains, MLA for Surrey-Newton and I asked him about the move to having regularly scheduled leadership reviews. His response was that it is a healthy move to have regular reviews of the leadership because that takes away the drama and intrigue about whether there should or should not be a review. Schedule a review and then it is regular part of the business.

When I spoke to Jenny Kwan about the same situation she said something very similar. The fact that there isn’t a regular review is because of a technical glitch from when they made the constitutional change to one member one vote and they did not include the fact that needs to be a review at each convention. So the change should be made at this convention and then the party will be back into regularly scheduled leadership reviews.

However, that essentially means that there will not be a leadership review for another two years when the next convention takes place.