What Stops You From Commenting on Blogs?

Today I am posing a question to our readers and followers; what is it that keeps you from commenting on the stories that I post here? Ironically, I am asking you to comment on why you do not comment more often!

For the record, although you do have to enter an email address to comment, your email address will NEVER be shared with anybody. Further, I promise that I will not send you any junk mail myself. Cricky, I will probably never email you myself.

So add your comments; why do so few people comment on my postings? Or, if you are a commenter, what is it that made it so that you started to comment on postings.

Thanks for your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “What Stops You From Commenting on Blogs?

  1. Raul

    I used to use (wow, horrible writing here on my side!) comments as indicators of how well my blog was read. And then I realized it really doesn’t matter. Of course, I love comments (particularly when they’re on giveaway/contest posts) but I have come to realize that a lot of people will prefer the 140 short comment “Love Your Post!” to the actual effort of writing a comment on a blog.

    Personally, I read your blog(s) [all of them, usually] with interest and excitement, but until I find a post where I can really make a contribution, I normally don’t comment. My impression is that it may be the same for other readers.

  2. caitlyn

    I assume part of the value-add is in the comments. Therefore, if I appreciate/admire/enjoy or abhor a blog I want to participate in creating the experience.

    The biggest barrier, however, is giving my email address. You just don’t know. Strangely, I am reassured by people telling me they won’t email me – how do I know they aren’t lying? Don’t. But I think most people won’t post such a thing unless they mean it.

    And, for a very few blogs, I subscribe and am happy to have it things pop into my inbox.

  3. Dave Lundy

    What stops me from commenting on blogs???? Absolutely nothing except for perhaps the need to sleep and or eat.

  4. WendikG

    Why do I suddenly feel as if I have ‘contributed’ far too much…?

    No matter, until I’m not interested or my computer dies, I will have my little vent..sometimes it’s the only way to not feel helpless in the face of all the BS…

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