BC NDP Leadership Assembly April 17th, 2011

Settling into my seat at the Vancouver Convention Centre ready for the politicking to begin at the BC NDP leadership assembly. The NDP saw fit to position the media hordes within about five feet of a band that is playing their tunes at concert volume. Nifty.

Adrian Dix is now on the convention floor shaking every hand in sight. Big smiles and nice energy around him.

Dana Larsen is also now here. I asked him if he was surprised that the NDP had already nominated David Eby to run against Christy Clark in Vancouver-Point Grey. He looked at me a little puzzled so I said, well if you win the leadership then you could against Clark in that riding. He didn’t look amused. He did say that his second ballot vote was for John Horgan. For what it is worth.

Mike Farnworth is now here.

Carole James and Dawn Black entered the convention floor. Mobbed by supporters and media. I did some video work of Carole. Unfortunately the sound track to my video will be the band singing some mournful song like Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley. Fabulous.

Dawn Black on stage. Begins her welcome and the sound quits on her. Yikes. It is back. She says that today the BC NDP are selecting the next premier of BC.

Spencer seems to draw the most cheers as he introduces Dawn Black, the interim leader of the BC NDP.