BC NDP Leadership Assembly Part 2

Dawn Black, interim BC NDP leader congratulates the party workers who have worked at organizing and reviving the party during the leadership race. Rousing speech that brings the gathered members to their feet.

Moe Sihota now on stage. Brings a big bouquet of flowers with him and gives them to Dawn Black as a thanks for being the interim leader of the BC NDP.

Moe is delivering a barn-burner of a speech. Speaking (shouting) about the amazing things that Carole James did for the BC NDP.

Video tribute to Carole James begins. Absolutely mind numbingly loud and fuzzy.

Carole James on stage now with Moe Sihota standing behind her and Dawn Black to her side. Plans to keep her comments short seeing as there is a hockey game on today. As well as that other leadership business to get to.

Carole James says that when she won the leadership job people more often asked her if she was crazy rather than told her congratulations. Carole James ends her speech with “Enough of the tributes, let’s go win an election.”