Why We Endorse John Horgan for Leader of the BC NDP

John Horgan

John Horgan

Today is the day that the BC NDP choose the new leader of the party. Last week we came out and publicly endorsed John Horgan. Since that date I have received countless emails asking why.

For the record, we are endorsing John Horgan because he is the one candidate best qualified to lead the BC NDP to an election victory over the Christy Clark Liberals. That is the long and short of why we are endorsing John Horgan; he is a winner who can take the BC NDP from the opposition benches across the aisle to the seat of government.

As an interesting aside, the people who supported our public endorsement of John Horgan by and large publicly posted their thoughts on our blog posts (you can anonymously post comments, if you so wish). The many who did not support or who questioned our endorsement of John Horgan filled my email inbox to overflowing. Just an interesting aside.

2 thoughts on “Why We Endorse John Horgan for Leader of the BC NDP

  1. Paul

    Was it his commitment to the baker’s dozen expressed so forcefully on The Hook that helped you make this decision. I know that privately (Corky Evans is telling people it is even in writing) John has also made a solemn vow to protect from harm or criticism those who helped to make Carole James resign and move the NDP forward.

  2. myna lee johnstone

    John stole my heart when I went to hear him.
    Environmental awareness and an outstanding genuine care for his fellow humans .
    And, an excellent speaker.
    The rideshare episode was the best story of the campaign

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