Reaction to the Election of Adrian Dix

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Dear Editor: Sad Day for NDP

After so many weeks of campaigning, this is what the NDP comes up with?

This is the problem with leadership races of parties that have been in opposition so long, there is no distinction between them and the criticism they hurl at the government. This was a chance to be inward looking. The choice of Dix shows that the NDP is unwilling to acknowledge the faults of their own party since they are part of the problem. The result: status quo and complacency, where change only means a new leader, not a new vision. Sad day to be NDP.

William Perry, Victoria ( NDP since 1969)

2 thoughts on “Reaction to the Election of Adrian Dix

  1. caitlyn

    William Perry’s reaction breaks down my better judgement and compels me to respond with what is good about the Adrian Dix win (okay, if you don’t like/approve of/condone inappropriate humour stop reading now.)

    I saw a BC Liberal bumper sticker that said I <3 (that's a heart, as in love) Clark! When the NDP gets their bumper stickers organized, they will be memorable: I love Dix.

    Sorry, sorry, sort of. But there has to be a silver lining.

    1. Richard Hughes

      I agree with Caitlyn’s take on it. Not sure about the graphics but the possibilities, are well, umm

      William I wholeheartedly supported John Horgan and was very disappointed with the results. I too have won and lost in elections and generally found winning more pleasing.

      However Adrian Dix is dead on about the left-right split IMO. We have not won an election since the in your face Left-Right scrap when Glen Clark stood tall for the rest of us, and surprise, surprise he won!

      Adrian is a very sharp guy and well positioned IMO. Do not let this far left bs get you down. We have had three elections to learn that seeking approval from our opponents is a losing proosition and soul destroying to boot.

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