Barry Penner Resigns as Attorney-General

Seeing as I am the father of twin toddlers, I completely understand why Barry Penner, BC’s Attorney General announced his resignation; he wants to spend more time with his wife and Fintry, his new born daughter.

I believe that family is one of the most important things in life and would like to do the same as Barry Penner. Unfortunately, in the real world of working people, if I quit working then my pay cheques stop being delivered to my bank account. That ruled that option out for me.

I wonder how Barry Penner is going to support his young family now that he has quit his job?

2 thoughts on “Barry Penner Resigns as Attorney-General

  1. thatsawrap

    There has GOT to be more to this story than we have been told…

    Keep digging…

    Are the wheels falling off the new-old Liberal bandwagon?

  2. kate dyson

    I suspect Mr Penner will find employment…perhaps with one of the multinationals…after all what is public service all about if not networking for the inevitable day when a public servants wage is not enough…and the private sector makes an offer you simply won’t refuse…because…that was the plan!

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