Iain Black Announces Resignation

Today Port Moody-Coquitlam BC Liberal MLA Iain Black announced that he is leaving the Christy Clark government for a job with the Vancouver Board of Trade. Black will begin his new role as President and CEO of the Vancouver Board of Trade on October 3rd.

Interesting to note that Iain Black’s riding of Port Moody-Coquitlam is the very same riding where Christy Clark was elected while serving as the Deputy Premier in Gordon Campbell’s government. You have to wonder who will be seeking the nomination in the riding of Port Moody-Coquitlam.

Black’s resignation comes in the same week that Barry Penner, Chilliwack-Hope MLA announced his resignation.

5 thoughts on “Iain Black Announces Resignation

  1. left

    Why are the rats deserting the ship now? Why did Penner resign? Is it true that Christy wanted Penner to stop the FOI for the Basi/Virk docs? Where is wikileaks when you really need him? What’s going on with the corrupt Liberals. Is there a mutiny at hand?

  2. Observer

    No mutiny, just a renewal of the deckhands for the new captain of the ship. This is typical renewal for any political party. Nothing new here folks, nothing to see.

    1. thatsawrap

      Call me a cynic, but I don’t buy it when an Attorney-General uses the glib and well worn excuse of claiming he needs more time for his family.

      Nope – the timing is suspect. There are other motives here.

      This ‘renewal’ means the ‘deckhands’ on this ship see the ‘rats’ scurrying.

  3. Observer

    Perhaps Penner is following in Christy Clark’s steps more closely than you all realize. Clark quit Campbell’s government “to spend more time with her family.” Shortly after that she took a job with CKNW. Maybe we will be hearing the Barry Penner show on NW soon?

  4. WendiG

    Although she outspent Eby 3 to 1, Crusty barely got elected in her shiny new Kits riding, whereas she was easily elected in Iain Black’s riding back in the day..
    This seems like a pre-election ploy to give her a ‘safe’ riding to run in, and I would bet that Black already has a nice cushy private sector job lined up with some gLib corporate donor.
    Still waiting (Friday) for the HST announcement, which would have been shouted from the rooftops at 5 a.m. if it had favoured retaining it..poor Crusty, getting backed into a corner.
    One cannot hepp but be reminded of Rita Johnston, subbing in for the disgraced Zalm, and all the Socred slitherers disappearing into the cesspool that was to become the Liberal Pary of BC..must all be moving towards the new Conservative Party of BC…
    Funny, how benign the Socreds seem today, in hindsight…

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