BC Nurses Contract Extension Provides Increases to Nurse’s Wages

The Christy Clark Liberals continue to spout their line about all labour negotiations being done in a “Net-Zero” mandate. For those who may not know, a “Net-Zero” mandate means that any gains a labour group wishes to obtain will need to be taken from another part of the collective agreement being negotiated.

For example, BC’s teachers are currently negotiating with the government’s hired negotiators. The government negotiators say that if the teachers want an improvement in their dental plan provisions then that means that they would have to cut something else from within their collective agreement so that there is no additional cost to the employer. For the record, the dental plan example was a purely theoretical example.

Interesting to also note that in 2009 the BC government, the same BC Liberal government as we have today, signed a two year extension to the BC nurses collective agreement providing the nurses with a 4.2 percent wage increase in April 2009 and a 3 percent labour market adjustment in 2010. The nurses also received another 3 percent labour market adjustment in 2011.

Net-zero? Only when it is convenient with the BC Liberals.


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  1. kate dyson

    This sound like the play book of the Republicans in the States…what say we send this woman there…she is an idiot…

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