Is Harry Bloy Taking Career Advice from Charlie Sheen?

I can’t help but wonder if B.C. Liberal MLA Harry Bloy’s slow motion career train wreck is a preview of what Premier Christy Clark is going to experience.

To see the video of Harry Bloy doing his Kony 2012 meltdown imitation visit the CBC website.

Harry Bloy, the only B.C. Liberal MLA to endorse Christy Clark’s leadership bid has had a troubled relationship with his responsibilities in government. Bloy was dropped from the B.C. Liberal cabinet after a less than stellar performance in the ministry of social development (the Community Living debacle).

Bloy was then demoted to a cabinet position as minister of state for multiculturalism, a junior role with a low profile. He has since resigned from that cabinet position after it was revealed that he had leaked an email from The Province paper to a third party.

Now Premier Christy Clark is admitting that Bloy’s bizarre rant was “completely offside.” Yep.

One thought on “Is Harry Bloy Taking Career Advice from Charlie Sheen?

  1. kate dyson

    I have to say…Mr Bloy has probably only exacerbated Ms Clark’s electability issues…I doubt his accusations directed at Mr Dix will make too mush of an impression…especially since the HST still sits on the books as a symbol of the ongoing lies told by the BC Liberal party…and Mr Bloy is hardly creditable if he supported Ms Clark…rather the opposite, I fancy…

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