Premier Christy Clark to Run in Westside-Kelowna By-Election

As most of you know, Ben Stewart, the BC Liberal candidate who recently won the riding of Westside-Kelowna by several thousand votes has stepped down so that Premier Christy Clark could have a safe Liberal riding to run in a by-election.

Adrian Dix

Adrian Dix

After that news broke Adrian Dix issued the following statement;

“We are looking forward to running a strong campaign with an Okanagan candidate against the Premier in Westside-Kelowna…I will put every effort into supporting our candidate and making the case for strong, local representation in this by-election.”

Yes, the fact is Premier Christy Clark is parachuting into the riding of Westside-Kelowna and yes, it is a long way from where she lives. It is also true that Clark will not really be an effective MLA for the riding of Westside-Kelowna because she will be more focused on being the Premier of BC than she will be on representing the riding in which she is sure to get elected.

However, there is NO upside for the BC NDP to run a “strong campaign” in the by-election. What is the purpose in the BC NDP spending thousands of dollars on a by-election in which they areĀ guaranteedĀ to have their collective asses handed back to them? What is the win?

4 thoughts on “Premier Christy Clark to Run in Westside-Kelowna By-Election

  1. thatsawrap

    Consider this – will the constituents in this upcoming by-election prefer a back-bencher in the Opposition to fulfill their interests OR the province’s Premier? Who has the clout?

    These same voters overwhelmingly chose a Liberal in the recent election. Its time for the NDP to concentrate on re-organizing and concentrate on finding a new path voters will seek.

  2. kate dyson

    I would draw your attention to the fact that if there was a genuine lefty running in the riding backed by everyone not supporting Ms Clark…and the message was truly a socialist one…there would be no competition…unfortunately…articulating a more egalitarian society…seems to be beyond the ken of most…when in fact it is sublimely simple…just ask the right questions of people…

  3. Doug Pederson

    I hope there are 8 or 10 independents running. Just to press the front runners on the issues. Transparency vs Corruption. Marijuana. Corporate monopolies the end game of Capitalism.

    I’ll be there trying to get the vote out from the “non voters” the regular (dumb ass) voters tend to vote for or against a party rather than the candidate and for the most part are responsible for the pathetic politicians of the past. (30 second video clip) 01May2013 political forum. Very funny.

  4. Lorne

    The point of running a really hard hitting campaign is to show the base of the NDP that there is still fight in what is rapidly becoming an irrelevant party. After that last debacle many long time supporters have become dispirited with the NDP. Running a real candidate and a real campaign would not be under the illusion that this constituency is winnable by the NDP. Such a campaign could be the opening salvo for the 2017 election however. Another goody goody, gee whiz we’re so nicey nicey run by a hapless NDP would signal that the 2017 election is already lost, lost by the same bunch of no minds that cost the NDP the 2005, 2009 and 2013 elections.

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