Suzanne Anton on Distracted Driving

Today I heard Suzanne Anton, B.C.’s Attorney General, discussing the new “distracted driving laws” and how the penalty of $167 doesn’t seem to be stopping people from using their mobile devices while driving.
She is proposing, or at least musing publicly about changing the law so that instead of just a monetary fine, the penalty for texting while driving would also include adding three points to an individual’s drivers licence for each offence.
The increased penalties would be similar to the penalties for speeding while driving. That makes me wonder if the increased penalties for distracted driving will be as effective at stopping people from texting on the road as it has been at stopping people from speeding while driving?

One thought on “Suzanne Anton on Distracted Driving

  1. H Nicol

    The government choose to implement the offense of distracted driving. The offense lays out which exact acts are illegal and presumably make it easier for police to convict violators with a basic fine of $167.
    Prior to this “new improved” violation, the police had the tool of the violation of “Driving Without Due Care and Attention” under the same Motor Vehicle Act.
    Ironically that offense, which is still on the books and available to police with a basic fine of $368 and 6 points.

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