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The Left Coast dot ca is your source for informed, insightful and typically irreverent commentary on BC politics. We pay particular attention to the antics of the BC Liberal Party and the BC New Democrats. We also are quite willing to occasionally comment on the political issues that impact the rest of Canada and some American political goings-on.

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4 thoughts on “About The Left Coast

  1. WendiG

    Just wanted to extend a suggestion a fellow traveler brought up on FB
    She was responding to the blank report card issue, and said that she would send hers to Crusty’s office with her own “remarks” regarding the treatment of teachers by the gLibs..
    A few of us thought this was a wonderful idea, so I am extending it to any of your readers who wish to do the same..let the pseudo-Premier know what you think

  2. Bananzo

    hi … not sure who runs this site; I googled “Jeremy / Greenpeace”, because I found some good Tar Sands photos there. I’m personally making a video to mount on YouTube, a kind of personal message to Canadian Citizens about the farce that Stephen Harper is trying to pull us us, re, exporting tar sands crude to China. I am in need of some photos (for HD video quality) to use in my production, specifically on the Tar Sands or relevant topics. Wondering if anyone here can help out.


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