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Long Distant [Political] Relationships

The following is from our contributor, William Perry

“Dear Editor: Letter: Long Distant [Political] Relationships

Keeping a relationship alive across the miles is no easy task. Maintaining a healthy relationship when their just not into you is almost impossible.

A few years ago, I accused my gal Carole of cheating on me. She admitted there was another guy, full of life, nice hair, very frisky. He was Dutch! I admit we had only known one position – her in front. When the Dutch guy came along she talked about her being on top. Where did that come from?!?

Then along came Adrian. He was exotic, but familiar; well connected, yet independent; serious, but flexible. And although he had been with Glen, It was love at first sight.

Less than a year later I feel somethings wrong. His attentions have turned toward another – a BEATCH named ‘Ambition’. He also seems to be in a constant state of balagan [agitation], and I know that infighting is thinly cloaked with promises. 

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I am starting to think it’s me.

Now I’m considering another long-distance relationship, which may be strained by cultural gaps.

Christy, a rose among thorns, is traveled, compromising, accepting of my need of a middle position. It is her second go-round in a relationship, but I don’t care.

Some, however, worry that Christy’s obligations shackled to her work will end up depriving me of effective guidance, and her very own aura of something big and beautiful, tolerant and pristine may not manifest.

I’m getting older, and with few domestic candidates left, the tall order compels me to choose between, familiarity with Christy’s openness to work it out, or Adrian who I don’t, in honesty, really feel connected to.

“The question is trickier than you think. “

Joe Trasolini and the BC NDP Win Big in Port Moody

Yesterday Joe Trasolini and the B.C. NDP won the Port Moody-Coquitlam by-election. This is a seat that was once held by Christy Clark herself. I caught up to Trasolini at his (very loud) victory celebration late yesterday evening. Here is a snippet of my conversation with Trasolini;

As well as Trasolini winning the Port Moody-Coquitlam, NDP candidate Gwen O’Mahony quite convincingly won the former B.C. Liberal stronghold of Chilliwack-Hope.

Perhaps the big loser in these by-elections was John Cummins and the B.C. Conservatives who finished in third place in both ridings.

BC Conservatives Watching, Waiting for the BC Liberal Collapse

While the chatter about a merger between the federal NDP and the Liberal Party of Canada is heating up again, it has become more than evident that the BC Conservatives are taking an entirely different approach to the “splitting the right-wing vote” in BC.

The leader of the BC Conservatives, John Cummins, seems more interested in helping the BC Liberals along their path to utter and complete destruction than he does in wooing any of the sitting B.C. Liberal MLAs.

It is appearing more and more likely that the BC Liberal “brand” is going to go the way of the old Socred brand; complete and total collapse. Once that happens, John Cummins will no longer have to worry about “splitting” the right-wing vote. The BC Conservative party will be the only viable choice for those inclined to vote against the New Democrats.

The William Perry File; BC Politics has been taken over by kooks

I have been sitting on this guest post (for no particular reason) from our frequent contributor, William Perry for more than a few days and seeing as it is a look into 2012, I thought it best to get it published sooner rather than later.

As always, I do not necessarily agree or disagree with the ideas expressed by guest posts. I simply post them for the sake of discussion.

Dear Editor: BC Politics has been taken over by kooks 

The Year of the Crazies

It’s that time of year when wags and pundits are supposed to gaze into their crystal ball and declare what the coming year holds. I don’t have a crystal ball. Never claimed to. But I don’t need one to tell you that 2012 is going to be a year of hard, mean politics in a province that is famous for bare-knuckled antics and shameful tactics.

Since the BC Liberals made themselves into a party in 1903, they have achieved much. Not a perfect record by any stretch of the imagination, still have been the power for the last ten years.

In contrast, the NDP, with that left-wing tilt has finally led the party to the logical and inevitable terminus, to the very brink of its own sanity. This year it looks like the grand old socialist party has finally stepped over that brink, and BC has led the parade all the way.

The late William F. Buckley Jr. said he had spent his life separating the kooks from the conservatives. Today, every political party has been taken over by the kooks, driven by the hype and hysteria of the ‘Me’ parties, and the psychotic intransigence of the no-tax pledge and personified by the likes of Adrian Dix and Christy Clark – who represent opposite polls of likeable.

In recent years, BC Liberals have demonstrated their true loyalties, fighting to remove environmental regulations, and those hindrances of economic prosperity. On the other side of the Leg, the NDP call themselves the party of personal freedom, and they show their love by opposing legislation to protect the right of BCers to use obsolete incandescent light bulbs, but they would not amend their own Constitution to empower the right women to take the reins of leadership.

The circus of wannabe premier candidates has been crisscrossing the province in an interminable series of town hall discussions, although they do all the talking, where we have seen the party faithful applaud Adrian Dix’s record vintage 4 o’clock.

The most recent of polls show the current premier/former talk show host leading the field of likeables. In the party preference the NDP is ahead for now. Let me say that again: For Now!

With a tooted victory bringing Federal shipbuilding to BC, Clark’s image will most certainly be deliberated in all regions of the province. Dix being on the anti-HST winning team is yet to yield it’s final approval ratings.

The possibilities are endless to whom will carrying the BC flag in next election’s victory speech, but the prospect has made the New Democrats absolutely giddy. They love the thought of victory so much that they intend to cross the straight by foot. This, of course, will lead to outraged squealing and squirting by aggrieved Liberals, demanding strict party registration in future elections.

Oh, where will it end? Where will it end?

The other political story to watch next year involves the BC Conservative Party and the BC First Party. It is hard to imagine how either can run afoul given the competition: Christy Clark’s mishandling of “fill in the blank”, and Adrian Dix’s dredging [pot kettle black] may prove to be an epic fiasco for both parties.

Will we see the Leg be better behaved and functional in 2012? I personally doubt it.

But, by all means, Stay tuned.

Adrian Dix on Premier Christy Clark’s No Fall 2011 Election Call

During a hastily organized conference call this evening Adrian Dix, leader of the BC NDP spoke about the news that Premier Christy Clark has confirmed that there will not be a provincial election this fall.

“Ms. Clark has made the decision to not hold a fall election for one reason and one reason only: she has concluded from her own polling she cannot win an election at this time.”

Dix added “The Premier and the Liberal Party put their political interests first throughout this process. They have avoided dealing with the substantial problems facing B.C. while the Premier prepared her election plan.”

Of course Dix also said that while the Liberal government floundered, the NDP Opposition caucus has united around a positive agenda of change. Apparently all that unseemly public squabbling within the NDP is now over.

Adrian Dix stated in no uncertain terms that the BC NDP have gained momentum and support at the same time as the Liberals have floundered under confused leadership and the absence of an agenda beyond salvaging the HST.

This is a government that is out of gas and out of ideas was how Dix summarized the Christy Clark Liberals.

So even though my so-called reliable sources told me there would be a fall election if people voted to get rid of the HST, Premier Christy Clark herself has told all of BC that there is not going to be a fall election. And that is as reliable as it gets.


Reaction to the Election of Adrian Dix

The following letter does NOT represent the views of our editorial team. However, it is the first reaction we have received so we run it this morning. As you may know, you can comment (even anonymously) on any post or send us your letter. Click the About the Left Coast tab for more info.

Dear Editor: Sad Day for NDP

After so many weeks of campaigning, this is what the NDP comes up with?

This is the problem with leadership races of parties that have been in opposition so long, there is no distinction between them and the criticism they hurl at the government. This was a chance to be inward looking. The choice of Dix shows that the NDP is unwilling to acknowledge the faults of their own party since they are part of the problem. The result: status quo and complacency, where change only means a new leader, not a new vision. Sad day to be NDP.

William Perry, Victoria ( NDP since 1969)

BC NDP Leadership Assembly Part 5

We are now waiting for the third ballot voting to end in the BC NDP leadership race. John Horgan has now dropped off the ballot and it is now a two-way race between Adrian Dix and Mike Farnworth.

The results of the third and final ballot will be decisive, it will be Adrian Dix or Mike Farnworth. The real question is where will the Horganizers migrate their votes to? Could this be the boost that Mike Farnworth needs?

15 minutes of voting left before the third and final ballot is announced. Balloting has now closed.

Spencer and Irene Lanzinger are on the stage…Jan O’Brien and Moe Sihota are on stage.

Adrian Dix…9772

Mike Farnworth…9095

Adrian Dix is the leader of the BC NDP. The cheers you are hearing are probably from the BC Liberals along with the BC NDP.

I have to return now to the world of the living outside the political world. I will post video as I get it processed.

Thanks for following today’s events.

BC NDP Leadership Assembly April 17th, 2011

Settling into my seat at the Vancouver Convention Centre ready for the politicking to begin at the BC NDP leadership assembly. The NDP saw fit to position the media hordes within about five feet of a band that is playing their tunes at concert volume. Nifty.

Adrian Dix is now on the convention floor shaking every hand in sight. Big smiles and nice energy around him.

Dana Larsen is also now here. I asked him if he was surprised that the NDP had already nominated David Eby to run against Christy Clark in Vancouver-Point Grey. He looked at me a little puzzled so I said, well if you win the leadership then you could against Clark in that riding. He didn’t look amused. He did say that his second ballot vote was for John Horgan. For what it is worth.

Mike Farnworth is now here.

Carole James and Dawn Black entered the convention floor. Mobbed by supporters and media. I did some video work of Carole. Unfortunately the sound track to my video will be the band singing some mournful song like Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley. Fabulous.

Dawn Black on stage. Begins her welcome and the sound quits on her. Yikes. It is back. She says that today the BC NDP are selecting the next premier of BC.

Spencer seems to draw the most cheers as he introduces Dawn Black, the interim leader of the BC NDP.

BC New Democrat Leadership Race

It is getting down to the last couple of weeks of the BC New Democrat’s leadership race. The three real contenders for the job are Adrian Dix, Mike Farnworth and John Horgan.

My thoughts on the leadership race so far are that Adrian Dix is a great scrappy, attacking style leader. Mike Farnworth is the one who has government experience and John Horgan, well, he is the sensible guy who will…

The leadership race ends on April 17th. Who are you supporting and why? Care to add your thoughts or comments?

Please note that you do not have to put your email address in the form like it says.

BC NDP All-Candidates Meeting in Burnaby

Late yesterday afternoon I ventured out to the Socialist Republic of Burnaby to see three of the NDP leadership candidates and Dana Larsen speak to a very friendly crowd of followers at the New West and District Labour Council.

The room where the leadership all-candidates event was being held was chock-a-block full of NDP from the federal scene right down to the municipal scene. Fin Donnelly, Peter Julian, and Bill Siksay were in attendance. Raj Chouhan, Harry Bains, Kathy Corrigan, Bruce Ralston and Mable Elmore were on hand to represent the provincial arm of the party. Of course the reigning supreme-ruler of Burnaby, Mayor Derek Corrigan, Gary Wong and Sav Dahliwal were there on behalf of the local electoral scene.

The event began with each of the candidates giving a four minute hello and bio  with a why they should be selected as leader pitch added in. Poor John Horgan struggled with the clock all night; at one point he quipped that he is from Irish heritage and he cannot even say hello in four minutes.

After the candidates had done their four minute intros, people from the crowd lined up at a microphone to pose questions to the candidates. Each candidate then had one minute to answer the question. At that point Horgan really began to struggle; he would spend fifteen seconds of every minute telling the crowd how the question is tough to answer in one minute. Never mind 45 seconds. Fortunately the chair of the meeting kept reminding all the speakers that she had a gavel and she was not afraid to use it.

The questions that were posed were like watching A-Rod playing t-ball. “What are you going to do about the cuts that have been made to the WCB?’ or this classic, “What are you going to do about the collective bargaining rights that the BC Liberals took away from us?” or “What are you going to do about the privatization of BC Hydro.” “Are you going to fully fund the public education system?” or “How are you going to re-engage union workers” or “How are you going to deal with caucus solidarity in the future” so on.

Every question produced a swing and a hit. The people in the hall would clap their hands together in approval when the candidates would talk about the disgraceful behaviour of the BC Liberals. The shouts of “shame” echoed around the room when the shameful acts of the BC Liberals were mentioned.

At one point I started to lose focus and I swear I heard the candidates all together promising more sunny days and apple pie for all union members. I could be mistaken though.

After the meeting had adjourned I had the opportunity to talk briefly with the three candidates. My first question to each of the candidates was about Harry Lali dropping out of the leadership race because of the costs that the NDP have put in place for the candidates. The final question I asked each candidate was which BC Liberal leadership candidate they would like to face off against in an election. The answers I got to that question was very informative. Watch and see what you think.

First up was Adrian Dix.

After Adrian I pulled Mike Farnworth aside and listened to him.

Finally I had a chance to chat with John Horgan. Excuse my blooper in the middle of this recording. I had a brain fart and started to cut off my interview. Horgan was a little taken aback but graciously agreed to continue talking to me even after my blooper.

So which candidate do you like? Care to comment?