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BC Chamber of Commerce Luncheon with Premier Campbell and Cabinet

In recent months I have been attending the BC Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Series with a Cabinet Minister. I have posted articles on my breakfast with the Honourable Kevin Falcon (a guy who a few years ago worked as a security guard alongside a friend of mine) and also my breakfast with the Honourable George Abbott, now minister of something or another.

However, the culminating event in this series is the annual luncheon with Premier Campbell and eight of the Cabinet Ministers. The Intern in our office received the invite to this event and registered me for attendance.

On Friday of last week I pulled my navy blue blazer out of the back of my closet, slipped on my slacks, shirt and shoes and headed downtown to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

When I arrived at the luncheon I was within a few feet of the seat of power. Unfortunately, two smiling faces stopped me at the door.

“We’re sorry, we did not receive your registration on time. As you are aware, this is a very popular event and it sells out very quickly.”

So there I was, standing within a few feet of the Honourable Margaret McDiarmid, the Minister of Education and stopped by a couple of smiling faces. Smiles reinforced with steel. This is the second time that I was set to meet the Minister of Education. And the second time I have been stood up. I am beginning to feel like I have slipped into the Michael Moore movie, “Roger & Me” in my quest to catch up to the Honourable Margaret McDiarmid.

Breakfast with the Honourable (and humourous) George Abbott and the BC Chamber of Commerce

The previous BC Chamber of Commerce breakfast with a Cabinet Minister featured the Honourable Kevin Falcon, Minister of Health Services. He arrived to the breakfast meeting late and while approaching the podium exclaimed about the amount of traffic coming downtown. I thought that was pretty amusing since he was BC’s Minister of Transportation. Would this month’s guest Cabinet Minister, the always sombre looking George Abbott, Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation have any witty or memorable comments? Let’s just say he did not disappoint.

But before we get to Abbott’s talk, a little backgrounder on the purpose of this event. It is a networking opportunity for current and future members of the BC Chamber of Commerce. As such, the idea is to go into the room, and meet and greet people to expand your network of business contacts. And the first person I met was Victor Godin.

I actually met Godin as we both stepped off the curb to cross Hastings Street. The little white man popped into the crosswalk sign and we both stepped off the curb. As we did so a cyclist raced through the red light and almost knocked us both to the ground. We survived…

To read the rest of the BC Chamber of Commerce Breakfast series story, visit my blog on the Vancouver Observer. It is worth a read.

BC Chamber of Commerce Breakfast with Kevin Falcon

My posting from my breakfast with Kevin Falcon, the Honourable Kevin Falcon that is, will be posted on the Vancouver Observer site shortly…that is if it makes it past the eagle eye of my editor/publisher, Linda Solomon.

You might be surprised at what I have to say about the Falcon vision of our health system…I certainly was! I will post a direct link as soon as it is available.

You can now read my posting on the Vancouver Observer directly. Enjoy it, and please share it!

The Vancouver Observer Sends me to Breakfast with Kevin Falcon

I am very pleased to announce that the Vancouver Observer has tapped me on the shoulder (and paid my admission)  to attend the BC Chamber of Commerce Breakfast with Cabinet Ministers. The November 23rd event I am attending will feature BC’s Minister of Health, the Honourable Kevin Falcon. My piece will be published by the Vancouver Observer.