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Premier Christy Clark Continues BC Liberal Families First Agenda

Christy Clark and Pamela Martin

It seems that it truly is a Families First agenda for Premier Christy Clark. That is if the family is closely connected to the BC Liberal Party.

Here are just a few of the partisan insider appointments and contracts that have been handed out by the Liberals under Premier Clark:

·         Athana Mentzelopoulos: Was a bridesmaid at the premier’s wedding. She has since been appointed deputy minister for corporate priorities (Globe and Mail, Aug. 5, 2011) where she will likely make more than $200,000 a year. She was previously B.C. deputy minister of intergovernmental relations, replacing Andrew Wilkinson, the former B.C. Liberal party president. (Georgia Straight, June 3, 2004)

·         Nathan Bauder: Was a local organizer for Premier Clark’s successful leadership campaign. Was appointed to the Passenger Transportation Board, a part time position that paid $35,625 for the equivalent of 57 full days of work in fiscal 2010/11. Bauder has since stepped down due to allegations that he falsified documents. (Globe and Mail, Aug. 4, 2011)

·         Kareem Allam: Was the deputy campaign manager for Kevin Falcon’s failed leadership bid. His company was secretly awarded a contract to work on the Liberals’ pro-HST campaign, worth about $46,000. (Public Eye Online, Aug. 3, 2011)

·         Marc Andrew : Was a senior aide to former Finance Minister Colin Hansen, who introduced the HST. He was awarded a secret contract to provide “political analysis” to Tom Syer, the head of the HST information office. The contract, which was never tendered, paid out $33,433.30. (Public Eye Online, July 26, 2011)

·         Campaign Research Inc.: This company worked on cabinet minister George Abbott’s unsuccessful campaign for the Liberal leadership. It was awarded a contract for $167,800 to conduct the Liberals’ pro-HST town halls. (Public Eye Online, July 26, 2011)

·         Judy Kirk: This former executive director of the Liberal caucus heads up Kirk and Co. Consulting Ltd., a firm that was awarded a secret contract worth up to $25,000 to provide the Liberals’ hand-picked HST panel with media and public relations advice. (Public Eye Online, July 26, 2011)

Families First. Absolutely. If you are a member of the BC Liberal Family.

Breaking News on Christy Clark’s HST Action Plan

A confidential source who is very well connected inside the BC Liberal Party has informed me that if the “YES to Extinguish the HST” vote is anything over 50%, rather than repealing the HST as Gordon Campbell had previously promised, Christy Clark will call a fall election with the HST as the key issue.

She will put her government on the line an effort to ask all British Columbians how they feel about the HST. It looks like the HST battle costs are going to continue to spiral upwards. Stay-tuned for a busy fall election season.

BC Liberal Leadership Convention Live-Blog

I am now on the new Vancouver Convention Centre floor in the media section. Never mind the PIN debacle, trying to get a chair here was stressful. But I now have a seat and I’m ready to live-blog this thing.

The first visitors I had were Adrian Dix and Shane Simpson. The NDP are in here with me.

Adrian Dix and Mike Farnworth

Adrian Dix and Mike Farnworth

I waited my entire life to get to a leadership convention like one of the old day ones where you could see the masses of people moving across the floor. Now here I am and the media out number the BC Liberals about 5 to one.

I just visited the men’s room. Not so much news in itself other than the sign inside there telling you not to drink the toilet water because it is recycled water. Thanks for the reminder.

I’ve been out circulating, listening to conversations. The word is that Christy seems to have this one wrapped up. The word on the floor is that if she has over 40% on the first ballot she will have it. I’m still holding firm to the George Abbott second choice theory.

The odd thing is that people have to make their choices before they know how the first round went.

Had a nice visit with Adrian Dix, Shane Simpson, Kathy Corrigan and Jim Sinclair. They seem to be holding to the conventional wisdom that Christy Clark is going to win this thing. Mike Farnworth is now here. Mike echoes the thought that it seems like Christy has this one wrapped up.

Apparently only 60% of the eligible members have voted. That should make the counting process easier.

After seeing the PIN-delivery mess, I am more dubious than ever about electronic voting for the provincial scene. Electronic voting is something that Christy Clark had been promoting as something the province needs to get into play for the next provincial election. I remain unconvinced.

I just heard another prediction; the Canucks by two tonight.

Convention floor is filling up. Lots of sharp dressed people here. Some jeans and plaid shirts have arrived. You know it is a slow convention when I am slipping into the fashion side of the event.

Chatted with Phil Hochstein of the Independent Contractors group.

Phil Hochstein and Shane Simpson

Phil Hochstein and Shane Simpson

I asked him who he thought was going to win and he said he was not sure. He did add that he had voted for the winner. He also said all he wants is to keep the NDP out of government. I couldn’t get him to tell me who he voted for. That secret ballot thing can be so annoying at times.

Okay results are coming in…

Required to win 4251…

Clark has 3209

Falcon has 2411

Abbott has 2091

and de Jong has 789.

First Ballot Results

First Ballot Results

Now going to second choice.

On the second ballot

Clark 3575

Abbott 2361

Falcon 2564

Clark remains in the lead but did not get the win.

Second Ballot Results

Second Ballot Results

Chatted with Peter Julian; he thinks that Kevin Falcon is going to win this one now. The ABC campaign at work? Interestingly I just saw Rich Coleman walk in. Remember the old ABC campaign? Anyone but Coleman. That campaign is long forgotten.

Gordon Campbell is in Washington DC this evening.

Stayed tuned for third ballot.

Clark 4420

Falcon 4080

Third Ballot Results

Third Ballot Results

Christy Clark wins on the third ballot. The new Premier of BC is Christy Clark.

After countless conversations on the convention floor it is clear that all the BC Liberals now believe that Christy Clark was the right choice for their new leader.

I will head back to the office to begin processing the video and photos that I have taken so that I can post them.

Good night for now.

BC Liberal Leadership Race; Why Everyone’s Second Choice Will Win

Late tomorrow afternoon, early evening I will be attending the BC Liberal Leadership Convention on your behalf. Although the polls are indicating a Christy Clark win, it is my firmly held belief that will not be the case.

My theory is that the people who support Christy Clark cannot stomach the thought of Kevin Falcon being the leader. Therefore, the second choice for the Christy Clark camp will be George Abbott. He is seen as a better alternative than Falcon, the federal Conservative.

The people who support Kevin Falcon feel the same way about Christy Clark as Clark’s people feel about Falcon. The Clark camp is far too close to the federal Liberals for the comfort of the Falconites, therefore, they will hold their noses and support Abbott as their ABC (anyone but Christy) strategy.

And seeing as it is more than likely that Mike de Jong will be the first candidate to drop off the ballot, well, where else can you put your second choice? And the fact that the delegates are forced to make a second choice, well, George Abbott is going to run right up the middle between the Clark and Falcon camps and snatch the reigns of the party away from the federal Liberals and Conservatives thus preserving the unholy alllinace of those two federal parties inside the BC Liberal party.

You read it here first. And if I am wrong, well what the hell.

Ed Mayne the Next BC Liberal Candidate to Drop Out

Word on the street today is that Ed Mayne’s “significant announcement” tomorrow at 9:15am will be the news that he is withdrawing from the BC Liberal leadership race and adding his voice to the chorus of George Abbott supporters.

Apparently a sharp-eyed Jonathan Fowlie noticed that the announcement that Ed Mayne was going to give an announcement tomorrow had the name “kcook” at the bottom of the page. If suspicions prove to be true, that “kcook” is likely Karen Cook, a George Abbott campaign staffer.

Moira Stilwell Planning to Pull the Plug?

Indications are that tomorrow, Moira Stilwell is going to pull the plug on her campaign and throw her support to George Abbott. At least that is the buzz on Twitter.

Stephen Smart, Jonathan Fowlie, and Keith Baldrey are all musing on Twitter about what Moira Stilwell’s “major announcement” will say tomorrow morning. The consensus seems to be that she is going to withdraw from the leadership race and throw her support to George Abbott. Stay tuned for updates tomorrow.

Christy Clark on BC’s Education System

In case you were wondering what Christy Clark has in mind for BC’s education system, here are her priorities;

  • Improving innovation in the classroom to offer students greater options in pursuing global economic opportunities;
  • Giving parents more input and choice into K-12 education, such as increasing the number of schools offering language immersion programs in French, Mandarin and Punjabi;
  • Creating more opportunities for schools to also serve as community learning centres, helping small rural schools continue as vital institutions;
  • Reunite colleges with universities under one Ministry.

Hmmm….nothing on the class size and composition issue that most of BC’s school districts are grappling with due to the funding levels provided by the provincial government.