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Toxic Tour of Vancouver Exposes “Greenest City’s” Dirtiest Secret

April 22, 2013, Vancouver – A “Toxic Tour of Vancouver” will wind through the city’s streets, stopping at mining corporation headquarters in Vancouver as it makes its way to the opening reception of B.C. Mining Week. Featuring dance performances, street theatre, art, testimonies from communities impacted by mining and video footage, the Toxic Tour will expose the human rights and environmental impacts of B.C. mining corporations.

“We don’t see B.C. Mining as something to ‘celebrate’”, said Toxic Tour spokesperson Steve Stewart. “Despite the industry’s attempt to build a ‘greener’ image for itself, reports of toxic spills, water scarcity and contamination, land grabs and the violent repression of local residents continue to emerge from communities living at the sites of mines owned by B.C.-based corporations.”

The Toxic Tour is expected to draw hundreds of people, and the march will end with a “Peoples’ Gala” and free community supper on the streets outside B.C. Mining Week’s Opening Reception. The march and gala will feature speakers from communities directly impacted by B.C. mines, both in B.C. and across the globe.


5:00 pm: Press Point with Mining Justice Alliance Spokespeople and representatives of mining-affected and diaspora communities, Goldcorp SFU Center for the Arts (in the Woodwards ‘public’ Atrium), 111 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C.

5:30 pm: March departure, Goldcorp SFU Center for the Arts, 111 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C.

6:30 pm: Arrival at “Peoples’ Gala”, Five Sails Restaurant, 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, B.C.