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Justin Trudeau at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Justin Trudeau was in Vancouver today to deliver a keynote address to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference. In that speech he was clearly defining himself as the defender of the middle-class Canadian.

After his speech, Trudeau was made available to the local press for a very brief question and answer period. During that time I managed to get in one question. Have a listen…

If you are listening very closely, when he is asked about Premier Christy Clark’s rejection of the Northern Enbridge pipeline proposal, you can hear him begin to say “Alison” before smiling and saying “Christy…”

Peter Mansbridge with Justin Trudeau

On Monday, April 22nd, Peter Mansbridge, host of CBC’s “Mansbridge One on One”, asked Justin Trudeau what he would do if he were prime minister. Below is a snippet of that conversation.

Peter Mansbridge;

“Let me try to ask this as fairly as I can, because it’s only a couple of hours after something has happened that clearly was not an accident, in Boston. People have died, many people are injured. You’re the Canadian prime minister, what do you do?”

Justin Trudeau’s response;

“First thing, you offer support and sympathy and condolences and, you know, can we send down, you know, EMTs or, I mean, as we contributed after 9-11? I mean, is there any material immediate support we have we can offer? And then at the same time, you know, over the coming days, we have to look at the root causes. Now we don’t know now whether it was, you know, terrorism or a single crazy or, you know, a domestic issue or a foreign issue, I mean, all of those questions. But there is no question that this happened because there is someone who feels completely excluded, completely at war with innocents, at war with a society. I mean, yes, we need to make sure that we’re promoting security and we’re, you know, keeping our borders safe and, you know, monitoring the kinds of, you know, violent subgroups that happen around.”

To read more of the article that this is taken from, you can visit the Huffington Post.

Ignatieff Keeping Leader’s Seat Warm for Trudeau?

In a recent blog post on Langley Politics Dotcom Jordan Bateman and Sam “Politics” Kirk, were musing about Justin Trudeau’s leadership potential. They wonder if Ignatieff is simply keeping the Liberal leadership seat warm while the young Trudeau gains political experience.

They add into that mix Gerard Kennedy as the brains of the “new” federal Liberal Party with Justin Trudeau as the face of the Natural Governing Party.

With the increasing rumblings of a fall election I have to wonder if the Liberals really are willing to leave the keys to 24 Sussex Drive in Stephen Harper’s pocket. Are the federal Liberals willing to lose another election before making the change?