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BC Liberal Leadership Convention Live-Blog

I am now on the new Vancouver Convention Centre floor in the media section. Never mind the PIN debacle, trying to get a chair here was stressful. But I now have a seat and I’m ready to live-blog this thing.

The first visitors I had were Adrian Dix and Shane Simpson. The NDP are in here with me.

Adrian Dix and Mike Farnworth

Adrian Dix and Mike Farnworth

I waited my entire life to get to a leadership convention like one of the old day ones where you could see the masses of people moving across the floor. Now here I am and the media out number the BC Liberals about 5 to one.

I just visited the men’s room. Not so much news in itself other than the sign inside there telling you not to drink the toilet water because it is recycled water. Thanks for the reminder.

I’ve been out circulating, listening to conversations. The word is that Christy seems to have this one wrapped up. The word on the floor is that if she has over 40% on the first ballot she will have it. I’m still holding firm to the George Abbott second choice theory.

The odd thing is that people have to make their choices before they know how the first round went.

Had a nice visit with Adrian Dix, Shane Simpson, Kathy Corrigan and Jim Sinclair. They seem to be holding to the conventional wisdom that Christy Clark is going to win this thing. Mike Farnworth is now here. Mike echoes the thought that it seems like Christy has this one wrapped up.

Apparently only 60% of the eligible members have voted. That should make the counting process easier.

After seeing the PIN-delivery mess, I am more dubious than ever about electronic voting for the provincial scene. Electronic voting is something that Christy Clark had been promoting as something the province needs to get into play for the next provincial election. I remain unconvinced.

I just heard another prediction; the Canucks by two tonight.

Convention floor is filling up. Lots of sharp dressed people here. Some jeans and plaid shirts have arrived. You know it is a slow convention when I am slipping into the fashion side of the event.

Chatted with Phil Hochstein of the Independent Contractors group.

Phil Hochstein and Shane Simpson

Phil Hochstein and Shane Simpson

I asked him who he thought was going to win and he said he was not sure. He did add that he had voted for the winner. He also said all he wants is to keep the NDP out of government. I couldn’t get him to tell me who he voted for. That secret ballot thing can be so annoying at times.

Okay results are coming in…

Required to win 4251…

Clark has 3209

Falcon has 2411

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Abbott has 2091

and de Jong has 789.

First Ballot Results

First Ballot Results

Now going to second choice.

On the second ballot

Clark 3575

Abbott 2361

Falcon 2564

Clark remains in the lead but did not get the win.

Second Ballot Results

Second Ballot Results

Chatted with Peter Julian; he thinks that Kevin Falcon is going to win this one now. The ABC campaign at work? Interestingly I just saw Rich Coleman walk in. Remember the old ABC campaign? Anyone but Coleman. That campaign is long forgotten.

Gordon Campbell is in Washington DC this evening.

Stayed tuned for third ballot.

Clark 4420

Falcon 4080

Third Ballot Results

Third Ballot Results

Christy Clark wins on the third ballot. The new Premier of BC is Christy Clark.

After countless conversations on the convention floor it is clear that all the BC Liberals now believe that Christy Clark was the right choice for their new leader.

I will head back to the office to begin processing the video and photos that I have taken so that I can post them.

Good night for now.

BC Liberal Leadership Race; Why Everyone’s Second Choice Will Win

Late tomorrow afternoon, early evening I will be attending the BC Liberal Leadership Convention on your behalf. Although the polls are indicating a Christy Clark win, it is my firmly held belief that will not be the case.

My theory is that the people who support Christy Clark cannot stomach the thought of Kevin Falcon being the leader. Therefore, the second choice for the Christy Clark camp will be George Abbott. He is seen as a better alternative than Falcon, the federal Conservative.

The people who support Kevin Falcon feel the same way about Christy Clark as Clark’s people feel about Falcon. The Clark camp is far too close to the federal Liberals for the comfort of the Falconites, therefore, they will hold their noses and support Abbott as their ABC (anyone but Christy) strategy.

And seeing as it is more than likely that Mike de Jong will be the first candidate to drop off the ballot, well, where else can you put your second choice? And the fact that the delegates are forced to make a second choice, well, George Abbott is going to run right up the middle between the Clark and Falcon camps and snatch the reigns of the party away from the federal Liberals and Conservatives thus preserving the unholy alllinace of those two federal parties inside the BC Liberal party.

You read it here first. And if I am wrong, well what the hell.

Kevin Falcon and Christy Clark Campaign Shenanigans

In BC politics, much like the UFC, if you are coming out of your corner with fists swinging, be sure that you have chin protected.

Take Kevin Falcon’s campaign for example; they make the accusation that the Christy Clark campaign has used photocopied membership sign-up forms, a move not allowed in the BC Liberal Party.

Shortly thereafter the Kevin Falcon campaign is trying to explain how members of the Kamloops Blazer (a team perhaps not-so-coincidentally) owned by Tom Gaglardi, a Kevin Falcon supporter, have signed up a number of players from the Blazer’s team. Without the knowledge of the players.

As Danno Bonano has noted in the comments below, the Falcon team did find the problem with their membership sign-ups themselves and contacted the party to rectify the problem.

An Afternoon Question/Answer Tweet-up With Kevin Falcon

The other day while I was at a Christy Clark event I had the opportunity to chat with a Kevin Falcon strategist. I was lamenting the fact that I had not yet had a chance to meet with Falcon or ask him anything about his policies for BC’s future. I asked the Falcon strategist if there were any events that I might show-up at to talk with the Falcon. A couple of days later I received an email from that strategist telling me about a late afternoon meet-up with Kevin Falcon that was being held at the Cactus Club on Broadway near Ash. I immediately planned for my visit and chat with Kevin Falcon.

Kevin Falcon

Kevin Falcon

I emailed back to my source asking if I needed to RSVP or anything else. No reply. Hmm.

I jumped on the Skytrain, transferred to the Canada Line and sent this tweet;

On my way to meet @kevinfalcon.

No reply. But soon the following tweet popped up;

What questions are you interested in having answered by @KevinFalcon? #kevinfalconTU #leadbcl

And then another tweep posted this tweet question;

@kevinfalcon Wht private sol’ns wld u propose re lack of hsg 4 low-inc BCers & 2 support innovative design+mtls+land use? #kevinfalconTU

No reply from the @kevinfalcon twitter account.

Shortly thereafter I got off the Canada Line and walked over to the Cactus Club on Broadway at Ash. When I entered the Cactus Club a very attractive young female approached and asked if I wanted a seat by myself. I replied that no, in fact I was here for the Kevin Falcon event.

She said, “Ooh. Those people are over there,” pointing over my shoulder. Then she added, “Who is Kevin Falcon anyway?”

I said that he was one of the candidates in the running for the BC Liberal party leadership and might in fact be the next premier of BC.

Interestingly she then said, “Ohhh, I thought Christy Clark was going to do that!”


I walked over to the Falcon section of the Cactus Club and saw a handful of well-dressed young men milling about. I approached the handsome young fella at the entrance to the section, introduced myself and proffered one of my business cards in his direction.

I asked if there would be a chance for me to ask Falcon a quick question this afternoon. Short answer, no I will not be able to get in, this is a member’s only event and there is no media availability planned. I am encouraged to submit my question via twitter.

I step outside the Cactus Club waiting, thinking that maybe I will have a chance encounter with Falcon as he is walking in. No luck. So I send the following tweet and hope for the best;

My visit with @kevinfalcon was short lived. Members only. I’m not a member. I will attend via twitter.

And then follow that with;

@kevinfalcon my question to you is what is your strategy to reduce child poverty in BC? Anything specific?

And then I see another question pop up for @kevinfalcon;

@teamkevinfalcon @KevinFalcon If transportation of people, was a big business, would it get more attention between Surrey and the Valley?

No replies to our questions yet but this tweet then pops up;

RT @teamkevinfalcon: What questions are you interested in having answered by @KevinFalcon? #kevinfalconTU #leadbcl

A little while later I receive the following @reply;

Good seeing you @ @christyclarkbc’s #7daycc. RT @leftcoast_blog: My visit with @kevinfalcon short lived. Members only. I’m not a member.

Ah yes, someone from Christy Clark’s campaign picked up my tweet and mentions that I was able to vist and chat with Ms Clark. I’m sure they were just saying thanks to me for popping in to see Christy. And not meaning to point out the differences between the Kevin Falcon and Christy Clark campaigns.

Then this tweet pops up in my @replies;

Glad you’ve been able to meet @georgeabbott4bc! RT @leftcoast_blog: My visit with @kevinfalcon short lived. Members only. I’m not a member.

George Abbott was very generous with his time and spoke to me, one to one for at least ten minutes while his supporters waited.

So I tweeted back to the George Abbott tweeter;

@diamondisinger thanks. Abbott was very generous with his time with me. Appreciated. Have not talked with @kevinfalcon. Yet.

Then this tweet pops up;

#kevinfalconTU Can we please stop the sniping between @kevinfalcon and @christyclarkbc and instead go after BCNDP?

Then this question is tweeted;

Will u disclose 20/20 expenses RT @teamkevinfalcon: What? r u interested in having answered by @KevinFalcon? #kevinfalconTU #leadbcl

Then the tone of the tweets change;

@KevinFalcon is standing up tall and mixing it up with young professionals at the #kevinfalcontu #leadbcl

Followed by this one which is retweeted many times;

Standing up on bar! “I’ve wanted to do this since college.” -@KevinFalcon #kevinfalcontu http://yfrog.com/h0v6wkbj

Then suddenly back to the questions and answers; the answers are coming now!

@KevinFalcon says that jobs are the most important for the future province, b/c jobs are providing funds for other … http://tmi.me/6eB70

Then this one;

Don’t worry, @KevinFalcon I saw some people listening to you and not just watching the hockey game. #kevinfalcontu

Back to pictures of Falcon;

RT @teamkevinfalcon: Standing up on bar! “I’ve wanted to do this since college.” -@KevinFalcon #kevinfalcontu http://yfrog.com/h0v6wkbj

@teamkevinfalcon @KevinFalcon did kevin use to do this sort of thing with christy clark…also at sfu, i believe…

RT @teamkevinfalcon: Standing up on bar! “I’ve wanted to do this since college.” -@KevinFalcon #kevinfalcontu http://yfrog.com/h0v6wkbj

@teamkevinfalcon @KevinFalcon standing on bars, i mean…just to be clear…

And then it seems like the tweets coming out of the Cactus Club indicate the event is over;

Just had a great chat with @KevinFalcon over at Cactus Club. thx @teamkevinfalcon for organizing !!

@KevinFalcon reaches out to rebuild & re energize bclp teleforum w/expired members tonight. Three days left to renew!#leadbcl

Great event tonight with @KevinFalcon and @teamkevinfalcon at Cactus Club #kevinfalconTU

Great event tonight with @kevinfalcon #kevinfalconTU

RT @tparisella: Just had a great chat with @KevinFalcon over at Cactus Club. thx @teamkevinfalcon for organizing !!

Guys @teamkevinfalcon thank you for amazing night. Nice to meet @KevinFalcon @MLACadieux @graciestyle @MarkoDekovic … http://tmi.me/6eIvf

Positive energy in the room with @teamkevinfalcon & @KevinFalcon tonight! Rock on! #leadbcl

@KevinFalcon it was good to see you again. You should come out to Langley soon. Maybe for a Question/Answer/Get to know you time?

On the final tweet about having Kevin Falcon come out to Langley for a question/answer thingy? Don’t expect many answers. Far more questions about Kevin Falcon than there were answers coming out of his campaign.

Ad deeply disappointing twitter question and answer event tonight. Very disappointing indeed.

Kevin Falcon on The Left Coast

The week before last I met George Abbott. Then the following week it was Christy Clark’s turn to visit The Left Coast. Now this week it will be Kevin Falcon on The Left Coast. As always, stay-tuned for the film at 11.

We are looking forward to asking Mr Falcon a couple of questions on his plan for reducing child poverty in BC. And thanks to the Falcon team for the invite!!

A Build 2030 Forum Photo Essay

Although video is fun, there is a certain amount of fun that can be had with still photographs. Enjoy.

Hey Mike, can we talk?

Hey Mike, can we talk?

Hey Doc, Christy would like to talk to you.

Hey Doc, Christy would like to talk to you.

What is this I feel in my back when I talk to Kevin?

What is this I feel in my back when I talk to Kevin?

What did she do to my drink?

What did she do to my drink?

This is SO COOL!!!!!!!!

This is SO COOL!!!!!!!!

I'm sure she did something to this drink!

I'm sure she did something to this drink!

What did you do to his drink?

What did you do to his drink?

Argh...I give up...

Argh...I give up...

The Contenders

The Contenders

The Contenders with the Pretenders

The Contenders with the Pretenders

We hope you have enjoyed this little photo journey through the Build 2030 BC Liberal leadership forum. We can hardly wait to see if there will be a BC NDP Build 2030 Forum. If there is, you can trust that we will be there for you. Peace.

Build 2030 Forum; One to One With the Candidates and Others

We have been furiously uploading and processing all the video footage that we shot at the Build 2030 Forum last night.

The first candidate we managed to elbow our way up to was Christy Clark. In the following (blurry) video she discusses her desire to have online voting ready BEFORE the next election. My question to her was about asking Campbell to resign so that she could run in a by-election in the Point Grey riding. Clark went on to discuss her calling an early election.

After speaking to Clark, we moved over to talk with Mike de Jong. We asked if he would also call a “snap election.” He responded in the negative. Quite clearly;


We also had a chance to listen in one Kevin Falcon. The most interesting thing about the conversation that we listened in on with Falcon was the number of times he mentioned the “multicultural” nature of BC and the people who support the BC Liberal party. Interesting to note.


On the way out of the Hyatt Ballroom I had a quick chat with Pamela Martin, former Anchor for CTV Vancouver and now Christy Clark endorser. I asked her if she was considering a run for the BC Liberal party if Christy Clark wins the leadership. Martin replied that she really did not think that she was cut out for politics. When I pressed the issue by reminding her how great she is on camera, she smiled and said that she was not considering a run, at this time.

After seeing Pamela Martin (who looked just as smashingly beautiful IRL as she always has on camera) we bumped into Gordon Hogg chatting with Kash Heed. I immediately asked Heed if he was endorsing or supporting any of the BC Liberal leadership candidates. Without a moments hesitation he said that he was fully endorsing George Abbott as leader of the BC Liberal party. He went on to say that he is endorsing and supporting Abbott because “George Abbott has a social conscience, unlike the current government.” Wow.

When I asked if had considered seeking the leadership of the BC Liberal party he politely laughed and said that he feels that he has been under attack from the first day he sought public office and didn’t think that the leader’s job would have suited him at this time.

I pressed a little further and asked if he would run again in the next election, snap election or in 2013. At this point he hemmed and hawed a  bit, adding that he is teaching again at SFU and that is another passion of his. He said that he would have to carefully consider his options before deciding whether he would run again or not.

Overall, this was a great night to listen to the BC Liberal leadership candidates and party people. A very interesting night indeed.

BC Liberal Leadership Candidate Christmas Gifts

Seeing as it is Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, we decided to share some info on what the BC Liberal leadership candidates found under their Christmas trees this Christmas. W are pleased to share this information.

First, Kevin Falcon received a gift wrapped endorsement from his good friend, Rich Coleman. Along with the endorsement came the stocking stuffer of Coleman not siphoning off the much needed support of BC Liberals from the Fraser Valley. All reports lead us to believe that Falcon is pleased with the fit of his gifts and intends on enjoying them through the coming months.

George Abbott also received his gift in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Bill Bennett, independent MLA (formerly a BC Liberal MLA infamous for “telling it like it is”) from the riding of Kootenay East gave Abbott a lovely gift. Bennett said; “…the only person who’s been talking a lot about change right from the beginning is George Abbott. I’d go so far as to say he might be our only hope.”

Abbott’s stocking stuffer was also from Bennett; he says that he’s not confident that the BC Liberal Party is salvageable. “In fact, if they choose the wrong leader I think it’s over. If they fail to change their constitution on February 12th I know it’s over.”

Apparently George Abbott is not too sure what to do with his gift from Bennett. The fit may not be as comfortable as Abbott would like; this may be one of those gifts where Abbott says to Bennett, “Thanks, but you shouldn’t have. No really, you shouldn’t have.”

The other candidate who got a very lovely gift is Christy Clark. Her nifty gift is a toy railway; apparently she has already named it “BC Rail.” However, seeing as this gift is so big, it will have to be shared with her family and friends. Clark’s brother Bruce and Mark Marissen, “the father of Clark’s children” (Clark’s ex-husband) will share this nifty toy railway. Early reports are that there is a no return policy on this railway so Clark is kind of stuck with it.

Not to be left out, Mike de Jong might also have a share in the toy railway. Nobody is too sure how they will work out the sharing details but it is said that BC Rail gift is so expansive that all will definitley have a turn playing with this one.

As this post is being prepared, Dr Moira Stillwell’s gifts have not yet been reported, much like the rest of her campaign activity.

So a Merry Christmas to all the BC Liberal leadership candidates! We know that they will be having fun with the Christmas gifts in the coming months.

Kevin Falcon on BC Liberal Party Leadership Issue

On Twitter Kevin Falcon says “it is time for a new generation of leadership that listens, learns & leads. Looking fwd to joining the #BCLPL.”

Does this mean that the older generation of BC Liberal leadership did not listen, learn and lead?

Falcon on an early election call; way too early to talk about that.

On the minimum wage; “If we were smart, we should have adjusted it to inflation.”

So they were not smart…what has changed? Was Gordon Campbell the one in charge of everything that is bad about the BC Liberal Party policies? Poor Campbell is going to be wearing all the shitty policies that the BC Liberals lived for the last decade?

You have to wonder if they told Campbell that they were going to vilify him on his way out.

Leadership Battle for BC Liberals Begins…Now?

Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight wrote a pretty interesting piece about the leadership changes that the BC Liberals and New Democrats may be considering. Smith considers, like many others, Carole Taylor as the front-runner to assume the leadership once Campbell rides off into the sunset.

Interestingly, on the NDP side of the Legislature, Smith puts Bill Tieleman’s name on the ballot. Hmmm…is this Tieleman’s rationale for working the anti-HST circus? Hmmm…that could be more interesting than watching Kevin (the punk) Falcon duke it out with Carole Taylor for the BC Liberal leadership.

Take a read of Charlie Smith’s piece, it is worth the time to read it. And definitely stay tuned!!