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The Left Coast Endorses John Horgan for Leader of the BC NDP

John Horgan

John Horgan

After many one to one conversations with the candidates, emails from the candidates, phone calls from the candidates and letters from the candidates, The Left Coast dot ca has decided to publicly give our endorsement to John Horgan as the candidate who is best prepared to lead the BC New Democrats while they are in opposition and perhaps more importantly, to lead the BC NDP to an election victory against the Christy Clark Liberals.

We have met with Adrian Dix and thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. Dix is a solid New Democrat. We have spoken with Mike Farnworth. Farnworth is also a very capable individual who has a stellar record of successes as a New Democrat. However, all things considered, we truly believe that John Horgan is the best positioned to lead the BC NDP to victory.

John Horgan has some truly shining lights from BC’s progressive politicians backing his bid for the leadership of the party. For us that was not the deciding factor in why we decided to publicly endorse him. The reasons are complex but they are directly related to the time we spend talking to Horgan.

We find Horgan to be personable and approachable. He is articulate and has a great sense of humour. He is a realist and he is a fresh face on the BC political scene. He is also well experienced in how an open and honest government needs to function to serve the people of BC. In short, we believe that John Horgan has what it takes to carry the BC New Democrats to an election victory against the Christy Clark coalition of federal Conservatives and Liberals.

We are proud to publicly endorse John Horgan in his bid to become the next leader of the BC New Democrats. We hope that you will join us in actively supporting John Horgan.

To learn more about John Horgan you can visit his website, Horgan for BC.