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John Horgan Named New Leader of New Democrat Official Opposition

John Horgan has been named the new leader of the B.C. New Democrat Official Opposition.
“Along with our strong, united team of dedicated MLAs, I’m going to get right to work fighting for B.C. families, B.C. jobs and the B.C. economy,” said Horgan, the MLA for Juan de Fuca since 2005.
“The B.C. Liberals are making life less affordable for hard-working families, and they need a strong voice to stand up to them in the legislature, in their communities, and across the province. That’s what we’re going to do under my leadership.”
Horgan replaces Vancouver-Kingsway MLA Adrian Dix as leader of the Official Opposition.
“I want to thank Adrian for his hard work and dedication as leader of the Opposition for the past three years. Adrian has a relentless commitment to community and works harder than anyone I know. He has been instrumental in building a strong, unified caucus, and will continue to be a tremendous asset for our team going forward,” said Horgan.

Reaction to the Election of Adrian Dix

The following letter does NOT represent the views of our editorial team. However, it is the first reaction we have received so we run it this morning. As you may know, you can comment (even anonymously) on any post or send us your letter. Click the About the Left Coast tab for more info.

Dear Editor: Sad Day for NDP

After so many weeks of campaigning, this is what the NDP comes up with?

This is the problem with leadership races of parties that have been in opposition so long, there is no distinction between them and the criticism they hurl at the government. This was a chance to be inward looking. The choice of Dix shows that the NDP is unwilling to acknowledge the faults of their own party since they are part of the problem. The result: status quo and complacency, where change only means a new leader, not a new vision. Sad day to be NDP.

William Perry, Victoria ( NDP since 1969)

BC NDP Leadership Assembly Part 5

We are now waiting for the third ballot voting to end in the BC NDP leadership race. John Horgan has now dropped off the ballot and it is now a two-way race between Adrian Dix and Mike Farnworth.

The results of the third and final ballot will be decisive, it will be Adrian Dix or Mike Farnworth. The real question is where will the Horganizers migrate their votes to? Could this be the boost that Mike Farnworth needs?

15 minutes of voting left before the third and final ballot is announced. Balloting has now closed.

Spencer and Irene Lanzinger are on the stage…Jan O’Brien and Moe Sihota are on stage.

Adrian Dix…9772

Mike Farnworth…9095

Adrian Dix is the leader of the BC NDP. The cheers you are hearing are probably from the BC Liberals along with the BC NDP.

I have to return now to the world of the living outside the political world. I will post video as I get it processed.

Thanks for following today’s events.

BC NDP Leadership Assembly Part 4

Here at the Vancouver Convention Centre we are waiting for the results of the first ballot from the BC NDP leadership race. Voting will end in a couple of minutes.

Spencer is back on stage. First ballot results soon…but first a massive plug for David Eby.

In preparation of the coming results; the results of the first ballot…

Needed to win…9997

Adrian Dix 7638 – 38.2%

Mike Farnworth 6979 – 34.9%

John Horgan 4844 – 24.2%

Dana Larsen 531 – 2.7%

So now Larsen drops off and it is a three way race. Larsen has said that his second ballot will go to Horgan. That is only 531 votes. Yikes for Horgan.

What happened to that three way race?

While people vote the Canucks game is on the big screen tvs.

Chatted with Dana Larsen after his first ballot loss. (I will post the video once I get back to the office and process it.) I asked if he expects to be welcomed into the party now that the leadership race is over. He said that he certainly hopes so. He says that he believes that he would make an excellent MLA. Being an East Van resident means that his choice of ridings is fairly limited.

While balloting continues for the second round I tracked down John Horgan. He says that he feels like he should have dropped out of the race at the end of the first ballot but he ran out of time before he could do so. When asked why he would have dropped out he says that he wanted to drop out so that we all could have left this assembly a little earlier and enjoy the Canucks game.

I also chatted with Harry Lali who said that he is also disappointed with the first ballot result. He thought it would have been a tighter three way race on the first ballot.

In preparation for the results of second ballot I give you this;

Dix…7748 – 39.3%

Farnworth…6951 – 35.2%

Horgan…5034 – 25.5%

Needed to win…9867

Going to a third ballot now. Horgan drops off.

BC NDP Leadership Assembly Part 3

We are now preparing for the candidate speeches at the BC NDP leadership assembly. The first speaker will be Adrain Dix.

As Joy McPail comes on stage the sound of “Hi I’m John Horgan” booms through the sound system. McPhail ran back, the sound track ended and she returned to the stage and said, “And I have lost a lot of weight.” Nice come back. McPhail introduces and endorses Adrian Dix.

Adrian Dix is now on stage and the cries of shame are echoing through the convention centre. Dix appears to be energizing the crowd. Talks of reinstating bank taxes, stopping raw log exports and using the carbon tax to help people instead of subsidizing the large corporations. Dix draws great cheers. Says that all the leadership candidates have something to add to a government he leads. Maybe Harry Lali should have stayed in the race?

John Horgan on stage. He wants to give people something to VOTE FOR. He doesn’t want to “back into government.” Horgan invites the crowd to join him to protect seniors, protect the environment and help students and to help build a province we can all be proud of. Amazing energy and people shouting “Horgan.”

Dana Larsen on stage now. Thanks the party for allowing a party member to join a leadership race. Speaks of “grassroots democracy.” You can build your own cliche at this point. Some cheers for Larsen but most people in the audience here sitting on their hands. Literally.

Mike Farnworth next on stage. Video introduction looks like it was filmed on a high school campus. reaching out to the youth voters?

Farnworth says that he is ready to lead. Farnworth says that under his leadership we can galvanize supporters and new supporters.

Will use sustainability lens on all things. He says he has outlined a plan to eliminate child poverty in BC. Speaks of democratic reform. Campaign finance reform promise. As Farnworth ends his speech the crowd energy goes wild. Building.

Irene Lanzinger and Spencer Chandra Herbert back on stage to introduce Jan O’Brien provincial secretary of the BC NDP.

The voting process, if you have not already voted sounds wildly complicated. Why anyone would leave it until today is beyond me.

And now we take a break while people line-up to vote. Be back soon.

BC NDP Leadership Assembly Part 2

Dawn Black, interim BC NDP leader congratulates the party workers who have worked at organizing and reviving the party during the leadership race. Rousing speech that brings the gathered members to their feet.

Moe Sihota now on stage. Brings a big bouquet of flowers with him and gives them to Dawn Black as a thanks for being the interim leader of the BC NDP.

Moe is delivering a barn-burner of a speech. Speaking (shouting) about the amazing things that Carole James did for the BC NDP.

Video tribute to Carole James begins. Absolutely mind numbingly loud and fuzzy.

Carole James on stage now with Moe Sihota standing behind her and Dawn Black to her side. Plans to keep her comments short seeing as there is a hockey game on today. As well as that other leadership business to get to.

Carole James says that when she won the leadership job people more often asked her if she was crazy rather than told her congratulations. Carole James ends her speech with “Enough of the tributes, let’s go win an election.”

BC NDP Leadership Assembly April 17th, 2011

Settling into my seat at the Vancouver Convention Centre ready for the politicking to begin at the BC NDP leadership assembly. The NDP saw fit to position the media hordes within about five feet of a band that is playing their tunes at concert volume. Nifty.

Adrian Dix is now on the convention floor shaking every hand in sight. Big smiles and nice energy around him.

Dana Larsen is also now here. I asked him if he was surprised that the NDP had already nominated David Eby to run against Christy Clark in Vancouver-Point Grey. He looked at me a little puzzled so I said, well if you win the leadership then you could against Clark in that riding. He didn’t look amused. He did say that his second ballot vote was for John Horgan. For what it is worth.

Mike Farnworth is now here.

Carole James and Dawn Black entered the convention floor. Mobbed by supporters and media. I did some video work of Carole. Unfortunately the sound track to my video will be the band singing some mournful song like Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley. Fabulous.

Dawn Black on stage. Begins her welcome and the sound quits on her. Yikes. It is back. She says that today the BC NDP are selecting the next premier of BC.

Spencer seems to draw the most cheers as he introduces Dawn Black, the interim leader of the BC NDP.

Why We Endorse John Horgan for Leader of the BC NDP

John Horgan

John Horgan

Today is the day that the BC NDP choose the new leader of the party. Last week we came out and publicly endorsed John Horgan. Since that date I have received countless emails asking why.

For the record, we are endorsing John Horgan because he is the one candidate best qualified to lead the BC NDP to an election victory over the Christy Clark Liberals. That is the long and short of why we are endorsing John Horgan; he is a winner who can take the BC NDP from the opposition benches across the aisle to the seat of government.

As an interesting aside, the people who supported our public endorsement of John Horgan by and large publicly posted their thoughts on our blog posts (you can anonymously post comments, if you so wish). The many who did not support or who questioned our endorsement of John Horgan filled my email inbox to overflowing. Just an interesting aside.

John Horgan, BC NDP Leadership Candidate

Up until this afternoon I did not really know too much about John Horgan, candidate for the leadership of the BC NDP; he was an “unknown” quantity to me. “That MLA from the island” was how I thought of him.

Two things changed for me. First I received an email from Harry Lali, MLA for Fraser Nicola saying that Lali was endorsing Horgan. Next I read a piece by Vaughn Palmer that made me chuckle when I read a quote that Vaughn Palmer used from a press scrum with Horgan. So I knew it was time for me to go and find out more about this MLA from Vancouver Island.

This afternoon I went and did just that; I met with John Horgan and asked him point-blank, “Why would anyone want you to be leader of the BC NDP?”

To see how he responded, watch the following three minute long video.

As a sort of caveat for Horgan, there is a significant difference between how he acts when talking to you in person and when I thrust a camera in his face. Talking to John Horgan in person is fun. He laughs and is very amusing in a folksy kind of way. I liked his friendly way. However, Horgan, is much like George Abbott in that his folksy charm does not come through on camera.

Regardless of everything, I believe that Horgan provides some pretty compelling reasons for him to be the successful candidate in this leadership contest.

I still have to have a one to one with Mike Farnworth before I decide who I will publicly endorse but I do have to say that John Horgan presented a pretty compelling case for why the BC NDP should support him.

What are your thoughts?

BC New Democrat Leadership Race

It is getting down to the last couple of weeks of the BC New Democrat’s leadership race. The three real contenders for the job are Adrian Dix, Mike Farnworth and John Horgan.

My thoughts on the leadership race so far are that Adrian Dix is a great scrappy, attacking style leader. Mike Farnworth is the one who has government experience and John Horgan, well, he is the sensible guy who will…

The leadership race ends on April 17th. Who are you supporting and why? Care to add your thoughts or comments?

Please note that you do not have to put your email address in the form like it says.