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Peter Mansbridge with Justin Trudeau

On Monday, April 22nd, Peter Mansbridge, host of CBC’s “Mansbridge One on One”, asked Justin Trudeau what he would do if he were prime minister. Below is a snippet of that conversation.

Peter Mansbridge;

“Let me try to ask this as fairly as I can, because it’s only a couple of hours after something has happened that clearly was not an accident, in Boston. People have died, many people are injured. You’re the Canadian prime minister, what do you do?”

Justin Trudeau’s response;

“First thing, you offer support and sympathy and condolences and, you know, can we send down, you know, EMTs or, I mean, as we contributed after 9-11? I mean, is there any material immediate support we have we can offer? And then at the same time, you know, over the coming days, we have to look at the root causes. Now we don’t know now whether it was, you know, terrorism or a single crazy or, you know, a domestic issue or a foreign issue, I mean, all of those questions. But there is no question that this happened because there is someone who feels completely excluded, completely at war with innocents, at war with a society. I mean, yes, we need to make sure that we’re promoting security and we’re, you know, keeping our borders safe and, you know, monitoring the kinds of, you know, violent subgroups that happen around.”

To read more of the article that this is taken from, you can visit the Huffington Post.

Teenagers Denied Entry to Stephen Harper Event

It appears that the example set by Conservative candidate John Weston (Let us know if you are a Weston fan, YES or NO so we can take you off our contact list if you aren’t) is catching on with all Conservative Party events. However, the Conservative’s behaviour is more than a little troubling when you consider that the latest people to get evicted from a Conservative Party event were two teenagers simply trying to learn more about Harper and his Cons.

Justin Kaiser and Diamond Isinger, two young people who made the effort to pre-register for the Stephen Harper event in Burnaby, were denied entrance by Conservative operatives because they were too close to the Liberal party.  Kaiser says that he was saddened by the Conservatives’ singling out of Isinger, a 17 year old grade 12 student.

“If the paranoia is now so deep that 17 year olds are being kicked out of Stephen Harper events for not being Conservatives, it is deeply disturbing, and a little weird.  It’s not like she was denying the fact that she is a Liberal supporter when they asked.  I mean isn’t this what democracy is supposed to be about?”

The incident took place after Andrew McVie, a Conservative party operative, recognized Isinger as a Liberal supporter and instructed security to deny her entrance.  Kaiser, a 19 year old who has recently moved to BC from Halifax, says that he was personally angered by the incident.

“We are both Liberal supporters – but had no buttons or anything else that would have disrupted the event.  We are both young people with an interest in politics, and we wanted to check out a Conservative event.  When 17 and 19 year olds are considered threats by the governing party, then I think our country is in deep trouble.”

You have to wonder if one of the five questions a day that Harper will allow the media to ask him will have anything to do with the eviction of these two teenagers.

Theoretical Question for Voters

Today I am posing a couple of theoretical questions out there for people to think about and comment on, if you so wish. Here it is; if you lived in a federal riding that had a strong NDP MP who is seeking re-election, a less strong Conservative candidate challenging and a total chump for a Liberal candidate and you were traditionally a Liberal voter, what would you do?

Or change it around a little; you are a lifelong New Democrat who has moved into a riding that is held by strong Liberal MP who is seeking re-election. There is a strong Conservative candidate challenging the Liberal but there really is only a snowball’s chance in hell that the NDP is going to elected. What do you do in this situation, short of moving.

Anyone care to comment?

Four Questions with Michael Ignatieff

Yesterday I had an opportunity to ask a couple of questions of the leader of the official opposition, Michael Ignatieff. The first question I asked was, would you be willing to form a coalition government in order to get good legislation passed.

Mr Ignatieff was relatively cryptic in his answer, which was to the effect that he can work well with others. He said something like, his mother always said when he was a child he always played well with others. However, he added that he encourages everyone he meets to vote for the Liberal candidate in their riding.

Clearly this says to me that there is no pre-election coalition in place.

The other question I asked was if he would bring back some form of the Liberal plan for a national childcare program. He said he and the Liberal Party remain fully committed to early childhood education. I will further review my transcripts of our conversation to see what I else I can add to this point.

As well as my questions, the News 1130 reporter asked him for his views on the BC HST issue. Ignatieff clearly stated that he and the Liberal Party are firm believers in tax harmonization. He added that the way that the Harper Conservatives and the Campbell Liberals have handled this situation is a clear example of how not to go about tax harmonization.

And finally, when questioned about the recent arrival of the boat load of Tamil refugees, Ignatieff made it perfectly clear that Stephen Harper and all members of his government need to stop the rhetoric and let the Canadian Border Services people do the jobs that they were hired to do, which is to sort out who is and who is not a legitimate refugee. And he emphasized the part about Harper cutting out the rhetoric. A point that Ignatieff and I clearly agree on.

Ignatieff Keeping Leader’s Seat Warm for Trudeau?

In a recent blog post on Langley Politics Dotcom Jordan Bateman and Sam “Politics” Kirk, were musing about Justin Trudeau’s leadership potential. They wonder if Ignatieff is simply keeping the Liberal leadership seat warm while the young Trudeau gains political experience.

They add into that mix Gerard Kennedy as the brains of the “new” federal Liberal Party with Justin Trudeau as the face of the Natural Governing Party.

With the increasing rumblings of a fall election I have to wonder if the Liberals really are willing to leave the keys to 24 Sussex Drive in Stephen Harper’s pocket. Are the federal Liberals willing to lose another election before making the change?

Liberals and New Democrats Holding Uber-Secret Merger Talks

Late this afternoon I received an email news alert from the CBC that said the federal Liberals and the NDP insiders are actually talking about a merger of some sorts. Apparently senior insiders with the federal Liberals and New Democrats have been holding secret talks about merging their parties to form a new entity to take on the Harper Conservatives.

It is funny or amusing to hear this news. The centre-left politicos are now talking about doing what the right-wing political parties of Canada (the Progressive Conservatives and the Reform Party…go ahead and correct me on the name of the Reform Party group) did just before they seized the reins of power with Harper holding the keys to 24 Sussex Drive.

Just for the record, I want it to be know that the names the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) or the Democratic Liberal Party (DLP) are my suggestions and I will not charge my usual name creation fee. I’m just saying.

Also, it might just be coincidence but it strikes me as odd that I am currently reading Warren Kinsella’s book, The War Room. Apparently Kinsella is involved in the merger talks.

Are the Federal NDP the Election Spoilers?

When I have too much time on my hands I get to pondering things. This weekend I got to pondering the Canadian federal party system. And specifically, I got to pondering the Liberals and the New Democrats.

I distilled my pondering down to a couple key questions. The first question; do the federal Liberals and New Democrats have so little in common that they would rather have the Stephen Harper Conservatives holding the position of Prime Minister?

The second question; at what point are the federal New Democrats going to realize that Jack Layton, or WHOEVER leads their party is NEVER going to move into 24 Sussex Drive? There is never going to be an NDP majority. There I said it out loud. There is never going to be an NDP majority.

So that brings me to my final question or point that I was pondering; at what point are the federal New Democrats going to realize that they are the spoilers in the federal parliament? They play the role of the Green Party in BC; enough people vote Green to allow the Campbell Liberals to hold onto power.

So going full circle and back to point to ponder number one, I ask once again, is there that much difference between the federal Liberals and New Democrats that they cannot come together to govern our great country for the good of all Canadians? Hey federal NDP and Liberals; come out of the wilderness, quit shouting from out there in the wilderness and come to the table and actually make a positive difference for Canada.

The BC Liberal Index, Fall 2009


Fall 2009

With apologies to HARPER’S

  • Amount consumers will have to fork over for the HST: $1.9 billion
  • Tourism jobs that will be lost due to the HST: 10,000
  • Restaurant industry jobs that will be lost due to the HST: 12,000
  • Number of HST-free Christmases left: 1, unless we stop the HST
  • Number of B.C. Liberals it would take to vote down the HST: 7
  • Cost of the HST for B.C. schools: almost $40 million
  • B.C. surgeries cancelled this year: between 9,860 and 15,500
  • Funding cut from Parent Advisory Councils on first day of school: $6.7 million
  • Number of full-time jobs lost in B.C. over the last year: 76,900
  • Amount B.C. Ferries CEO David Hahn makes each year: over $1,000,000
  • Number of trains B.C. Rail CEO Kevin Mahoney is paid $494,182 to manage: 0
  • Amount the B.C. Liberals spent on advertising for the LiveSmart program before the election: more than $7 million
  • Months after the election until the B.C. Liberals cancelled LiveSmart: 3
  • B.C. Liberals’ increase to maximum weekly online gambling limit: $120 to $9,999
  • Funding cut for gambling prevention programs: 34 per cent
  • Planned cut to arts funding next year: nearly 85 per cent
  • Jobs lost in the forest industry since the election: more than 1,500
  • Sockeye missing in 2009 from the Fraser River: 9 million
  • Escaped Atlantic salmon from B.C. open-net fish farms in 2009: 172,000
  • Years in a row the B.C. Liberals have had worst record in Canada on child poverty: 6
  • Cost of Olympic tickets purchased for B.C. Liberal MLAs and Crown corporations: nearly $2.4 million
  • Number of Special Olympics athletes that could have been supported for $2.4 million: 7,000

Figures cited are the latest available as of November 2009. “B.C. Liberal Index” is not a registered trademark.

B C G E U 0 7 0 1

HST Passes through Parliament with Support from Ignatieff Liberals and the Bloc

Email from Bill Tieleman about the HST vote that took place in Parliament today:

I am very sorry to tell you that in a shameful 192 to 32 vote today in Parliament – the Conservatives, Liberals and Bloc Quebecois joined together to pass the legislation to impose the new Harmonized Sales Tax on BC and Ontario – with only the New Democratic Party MPs voting against it.

This leaves fighting the HST to the provinces – but that fight is far from over.

I again urge you to sign up at Fight HST for the province-wide Initiative campaign which will demand a vote on the HST.

And if you haven’t joined yet, go to NO BC HST – British Columbia’s largest Facebook protest group with over 129,000 members and sign up. In Ontario there are several Facebook groups and petitions online that are noted on the Defeat the HST in Parliament Facebook site.

Lastly – remember how your Member of Parliament voted on the HST for the next federal election – I will update that vote as soon as possible.