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Gordon Campbell and the Stanley Cup Riots

Just a couple of quick notes this late afternoon before a long weekend.

Former Premier Campbell

Former Premier Campbell

First off, I heard on the news this afternoon that the BC government will award former Premier Gordon Campbell the Order of British Columbia for his “visionary leadership.” Honestly, I do not know what more to add to this news bit.

The second point, the review into the Stanley Cup Riot says that more cameras on the streets might be a way to stop future riots. Funny how the hundreds of state run cameras in London England did nothing to stop the three full days of rioting that took place there. And the fact that there are literally hundreds of pictures of rioters from the Stanley Cup Riots already available to the police have not changed the fact that there was a riot.

How does anybody expect that cameras posted in public spaces will change the behaviour of hooligans, thugs and asshats? Cameras are more likely to provoke more violence because the rioters seemed to be posing for the cameras that were at the riot. More cameras? It is my humble opinion that having the police watching the public will not stop future riots; the police need to be listening to the mood of the public, not mutely watching.

BC Liberal Leadership Candidate Christmas Gifts

Seeing as it is Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, we decided to share some info on what the BC Liberal leadership candidates found under their Christmas trees this Christmas. W are pleased to share this information.

First, Kevin Falcon received a gift wrapped endorsement from his good friend, Rich Coleman. Along with the endorsement came the stocking stuffer of Coleman not siphoning off the much needed support of BC Liberals from the Fraser Valley. All reports lead us to believe that Falcon is pleased with the fit of his gifts and intends on enjoying them through the coming months.

George Abbott also received his gift in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Bill Bennett, independent MLA (formerly a BC Liberal MLA infamous for “telling it like it is”) from the riding of Kootenay East gave Abbott a lovely gift. Bennett said; “…the only person who’s been talking a lot about change right from the beginning is George Abbott. I’d go so far as to say he might be our only hope.”

Abbott’s stocking stuffer was also from Bennett; he says that he’s not confident that the BC Liberal Party is salvageable. “In fact, if they choose the wrong leader I think it’s over. If they fail to change their constitution on February 12th I know it’s over.”

Apparently George Abbott is not too sure what to do with his gift from Bennett. The fit may not be as comfortable as Abbott would like; this may be one of those gifts where Abbott says to Bennett, “Thanks, but you shouldn’t have. No really, you shouldn’t have.”

The other candidate who got a very lovely gift is Christy Clark. Her nifty gift is a toy railway; apparently she has already named it “BC Rail.” However, seeing as this gift is so big, it will have to be shared with her family and friends. Clark’s brother Bruce and Mark Marissen, “the father of Clark’s children” (Clark’s ex-husband) will share this nifty toy railway. Early reports are that there is a no return policy on this railway so Clark is kind of stuck with it.

Not to be left out, Mike de Jong might also have a share in the toy railway. Nobody is too sure how they will work out the sharing details but it is said that BC Rail gift is so expansive that all will definitley have a turn playing with this one.

As this post is being prepared, Dr Moira Stillwell’s gifts have not yet been reported, much like the rest of her campaign activity.

So a Merry Christmas to all the BC Liberal leadership candidates! We know that they will be having fun with the Christmas gifts in the coming months.

Christy Clark Mulling a Run for the Premier’s Job

Now that the “Draft Christy Clark” Facebook page is over 500 members she has decided to take a week out of the broadcast booth and mull over her options in the BC Liberal leadership race. Clark says she will think very hard about her options and make a decision in the next couple of weeks.

If Clark does decide to run and wins the leadership tilt (getting kind of ahead of myself here) you have to wonder what riding she would seek election in…Gordon Campbell’s riding perhaps? Or would someone step aside to give her a by-election? Or even better, maybe she would call a snap election for spring 2011 at which point she would have more choice as to which riding she would like to seek election in.

Such interesting times we are in!! Stay tuned.

BC Liberal Leadership Race Warming Up

Two BC Liberal MLAs have officially added their names to the list of possible successors to Premier Gordon Campbell; the two MLAs are Moira Stillwell and Minister of Education (resigned as of today) George Abbott. Other possible front-runner candidates still mulling over their options are Solicitor-General Rich Coleman, Minister of Health Services Kevin Falcon and Mike de Jong.

Another faint-hope candidate publicly musing a run at the leadership is Maple Ridge-Mission MLA Marc Dalton.

A tell-tale sign that indicates candidates are getting more serious in their thinking about making a run for the BC Liberal leadership job is when they suddenly become very active on Twitter. For example, this morning George Abbott had something like six followers, was following nobody and had zero tweets. Late this afternoon he is following 600 people.

I’m not sure that this is a sign that Christy Clark is actually interested in the Premier’s job or not but, she suddenly went on a Twitter follower rampage and is now following everyone and their dog (yes she is now following me, but not my dog). Does this mean that Christy Clark is lining up for a run at BC’s top job? Stay tuned for that announcement.

George Abbott to Seek Leadership of BC Liberal Party

The man who was most recently the Minister of Education, George Abbott has announced he plans to seek the leadership of the BC Liberal Party. Abbott is the first “first-stringer” to announce he plans to seek the leadership of the BC Liberal Party.

Your turn next Mr Rich Coleman; what will our Solicitor-General do now?

Mark Jiles Supports George Abbott in BC Liberal Leadership Bid

Sean Holman of the Public Eye Online is reporting that George Abbott is preparing to announce his bid for the leadership of the BC Liberal Party.

Interesting to note that Mark Jiles, long-time Gordon Campbell backer and former constituency campaign manager turned lobbyist certainly has great things to say about the current Minister of Education, George Abbott. You have to wonder if having a Gordon Campbell supporter working on your leadership bid is a good thing or not these days.

I have twice had the opportunity to attend events where George Abbott was a speaker. One thing I will say about him is that both times I heard him, he was very entertaining to listen to. There is such a profound difference between seeing him live and seeing him interviewed on television.

However, as well as the front-runners like George Abbott, another backbencher, Marc Dalton, Maple Ridge-Mission MLA  is mulling a run at the leadership. Now you really have to wonder who would pony up the $25,000 to enter this character in the leadership race.

Premier Campbell Resigns; What Really Changed?

Premier Gordon Campbell’s “resignation” was a very clever move. Consider what has changed since he “resigned.” Nothing. He is still the premier of BC and will be the premier of BC for the foreseeable future.

Premier Campbell will remain as premier of BC until the BC Liberal party (or at least until those who can afford to vote on who the next premier will be…read David Schreck’s Nov 4th piece on that issue) decides who the next premier of BC will be. That is unlikely to happen until some time in early 2011 meaning that it is business as usual with Campbell at the helm.

Perhaps the only change that has occurred since Premier Campbell’s resignation is that the media pressure and attention has shifted away from him and over to who will succeed him. Of course in a bizarre way, some of that media focus has also shifted over to the leadership of Carole James. Bottom line, Premier Campbell is still premier of BC.

Premier’s Resignation Shifts Focus

From our frequent contributor, William Perry;

This likely is a good and bad day for Carole James. Campbell’s resignation now turns the attention to the issues and James. As the door swings both ways on Political Discontent, BC’ers will be wanting to hear what she would do.

James may enjoy residents’ tolerance for now, but when it goes badly for her, and it will, she can always call on her compadre Vander Zalm’s resignation for the wording of her own

I truly believe you are one of the best Premiers we have seen in this province, and this move speaks to your integrity. This is not a good day for BC.

Editor’s note; as always, we do not necessarily agree with the views of our contributors.

Where Does Gordon Campbell Go Now?

So now that Premier Campbell has made it official and resigned, where does he land next? Some have suggested Harper will offer him a Senate appointment. Others have speculated that he will quietly join the board of directors of a number of multinational corporations. Perhaps corporations who have invested significant dollars into the run-of-the-river hydro-electric projects. Others have said he will join Peter Brown in the executive suite of Canaccord Capital.

Where do YOU think Gordon Campbell will land? Care to weigh in on this one? You may have noticed that comments are no longer “moderated.” That means you no longer have to enter your name or an email address to add your comments. So, where will Gordon Campbell land next?