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MRIs, Brain Tumours and the Lowest Taxes in Canada

A very quick follow up to my post about the golf courses, country clubs and taxes. I have a dear friend and colleague who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. He has a cancerous tumour on his brain’s thalamus. For those unfamiliar with the location of the parts of the brain, it is deep inside his brain where the doctors cannot access.

But the real story here is that when it was first suspected that there was something wrong inside his brain (he quickly acted upon the early warning signs and did go see his doctor.) His doctor referred him to another doctor who referred him to another. One of the doctors had a CAT scan done but could not find anything definitively wrong. The doctor had a hunch there was something more to the situation so he placed my friend on the waitlist to get an MRI done.

That waitlist was approximately 4-6 months long. My friend being the kind of guy who wants to know what is going on with his health decided to pay the thousands of dollars for the MRI and had it done right away. That was when they found the tumour on his thalamus.

Once the doctor saw the results of the MRI they told my friend that without any treatment his life expectancy was three months.

If he had not paid for that MRI out of his own pocket he quite possibly could have died while waiting for an MRI.

I really believe that Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals have broken the social contract that holds our province together. The race to to the bottom so that we have the lowest tax rates in Canada have wrought disastrous consequences for the people of our province. We need to change something in BC and I think the first thing that should be changed is the government. For the good of the people of our province.